I’m on this listserve thing called “The Listserve” where it’s like 20K people and each day one person wins the listserve lottery and gets to email all the others. I haven’t won the lottery yet. I hope I will someday. Apparently you get 48 hours notice.

Most of them are dull. Self-advertisement, give-me-a-job, that sort of thing. A good use for the listserve, not a good use of my time.

But I really liked a little snippet from one that mostly talked about how much the writer loves NPR (“Maxine and the Radio”).

[…] The window in my office looks right onto a lawn; a small woods starts at the edge of it, and beyond, there’s a river. Every so often, when I’m sitting at my desk, two or three deer leap out of the foliage and nibble at leaves. I take pictures of them with my camera phone. Generally, the pictures do not turn out.

That last sentence—that honesty. Perhaps it has to be mixed with the rest of the email to have the full effect. I thought it was wonderful, the first time I read it.