Quora age envy

Interesting snippet from a Quora question on envy, by a guy Matthew Manning:

  1. You have ZERO idea what their personal lives are actually like, or if their outward appearance of success is total bullshit.
  2. Stop focusing outward, focus inward. A preoccupation with the success of others is taking time away from tending your own internal garden.
  3. Believing in common measures of success (money, position, family) is believing in a ready-made lunch box of meaning that society is opening up and shoving down your throat. WHO CARES. Figure out what success is for yourself and then just focus on pursuing that.
  4. You are in your 20s, so be prepared to witness some epic personal collapses of those whom you are currently envious of.
  5. You can’t do anything besides what you can do. If you’re giving it your all and staying focused on your values, then your life is progressing exactly as it should be. Did you hear that? EXACTLY AS IT SHOULD BE.
  6. When you have an episode of crippling self-doubt, picture each doubt as a single sheet of paper. Then crunch all of them together and throw them into the toilet of your mind. Now angrily kick-flush that toilet with your foot.
  7. Actively work to express gratitude for what you do have every morning. The happiest people I know are full of gratitude, and they are profoundly in touch with their innate talents.
  8. Before you read number nine, think of at least one person who thinks you’re awesome. Try to think of yourself as that person does.
  9. Isn’t the universe so vast, so deep, so incredibly amazing? Who could possibly worry about a 3200 dollar difference in salary when there are stars supernova-ing right this very minute?
  10. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Near the finish line, you’ll realize you’ve only been racing against yourself.