SSH Tunneling

ssh CLI flags:

  • -N Do nothing (except connect)
  • -f Fork to Background
  • -q Suppress any output
  • -v Verbose
  • -p Specify port (defaults to 22)
command effect
ssh -D 5090 dark -N Start Socks proxy to dark on :5090
ssh dark -L 18053:localhost:8053 -N Tunnel from outgoing :18053 to dark’s outgoing :8053, and fork to bg
ssh -q -o 'StrictHostKeyChecking no' jude exit Unquestioningly add jude’s host key to ~/.ssh/known_hosts and then quit
ssh-copy-id -i dark Copy the key in to dark’s ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file
ssh-keygen -t rsa Interactive: create new key (defaults to ~/.ssh/id_rsa{.pub})
sudo sshuttle -r [email protected]:8080 Tunnel all connections through dark on :8080
ssh -t markov 'ssh n004' Connect to n004 via markov