General documentation / cheat sheets for various languages and services


  flags description
screen -DR attach to existing or start new screen
screen -dmS MySession start a detached screen session
screen -r MySession attach screen session with name MySession


  flags description
ctrl a c create new window
ctrl a A set window name
ctrl a w show all window
ctrl a 3 switch to window 3
ctrl a " choose window
ctrl a ctrl a switch between window
ctrl a d detach window
ctrl a ? help
ctrl a [ start copy, move cursor to the copy location, press ENTER, select the chars, press ENTER to copy the selected characters to the buffer
ctrl a ] paste from buffer
ctrl a S create split screen
ctrl a TAB switch between split screens
ctrl a Q Kill all regions but the current one.
ctrl a X remove active window from split screen
ctrl a O logout active window (disable output)
ctrl a I login active window (enable output)